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Maybe this partly explains why Fink's marriage to Lara, his ex, failed.

He is honest about the way his struggle with obsessive-compulsive disorder and depression put pressure on their relationship, and made her love for him slowly morph into duty.

Fink Skypes his daughter Evie from the home of a woman he met online and flew to Los Angeles to meet.Lara picks up instead, and the sight of her makes Fink "incredibly sad." Not only because this latest affair wasn't going well but because I was looking from the other side of the world not just at the wife I'd lost but the life I'd lost.Yet she was looking at me in this Hollywood apartment with the glamorous non-girlfriend asleep in the next room as if I was the lucky one. While no one wants to martyr themselves for the sake of holy matrimony, moments like these give the impression there's also something to be said for toughing it out with your spouse.We've lost patience with it because we've lost patience with everything else. We might be jaded about the disposability of romantic relationships, but the love of parents for their children gives us good reason to become more than half-believers in love that lasts.Maybe, then, applying the sort of commitment and constancy that we find in the best kind of parental love to our struggling romantic relationships can lead us through the battlefields of modern love.

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